Until Death

  by Enginerd


This alternative Janice and Mel story is based on characters from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. It is a sequel to Letting Go. While this tale is written with the intent of being a stand-alone story, the reader is strongly encouraged to read the previous Janice and Mel stories in the series to better understand the attempted character development. 

This story contains scenes involving death, violence, and same-sex love.

Synopsis: Reunited after eight long years, Janice and Mel learn that the road to happiness has more than a few bumps in it with three boys to raise, college students to teach, nosey Southerners to avoid, and a malevolent force that threatens their very. . . well . . . you've got to read the story to find out.

- Enginerd (October 2002)

Janice and Mel Series

  1. With Good Intentions 
  2. Southern Hospitality 
  3. Duty 
  4. Die Pflicht 
  5. Letting Go 

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