An Eternity of Love 

by E. N. Ginerd

EOL  Reader's comments

April 2002


Dear Ms Ginerd,

I'm a huge fan of your EOL series (you may remember I wrote about the pez dispensers) and I was just wondering when the next update will be. I can hardly wait, I think the anticipation is starting to unhinge me a little. Ha ha. (By the way, you're on the East Coast right?)

Slavishly Yours,





March 2002

I have to say that this is undoubtedly the best title I have ever read.  E.N. has piqued my interest and I can't wait for the updates!  Two thumbs up!!

Daniel Ebert

Web Fiction Weekly


Though I haven't read any of it yet, I am sure it will be the best story I will ever read.  

Mary Q. Contrary

Avid Uber Fan


Oh God, not another one.

G. Lipshits

Fan Fiction Critic



I am so truly excited that we get another epic posted in parts vice the archaic convention of actually finishing a story before sharing it.  I think what makes web storytelling today so appealing is that ever-present risk of inconsistent character development, stilted story progression, and general waning interest after painfully infrequent updates!  It gives me chills just thinking about what could go wrong. 

A. Nonymous

 More to come . . . .

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