A Birds Of Prey T/V

Barbara/Helena Story

Synopsis:  After the frightening separation then remerging of Helena’s Meta and Human halves, Barbara’s happiness is marred by a nagging worry; the remerging had been cut short by 0.4 seconds.

Author’s Note:  This story takes place immediately after Primal Instinct, but can be read as a standalone.  However, to better understand (attempted) character development, it is recommended you try out the first story…well, first.  Happy reading!

Enginerd, February 2014




Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 - The Morning After

Chapter 2 - Dinner with Dad>

Chapter 3 - Gravity

Chapter 4 - Discovery

Chapter 5 - Connections

Chapter 6 - Hope

Chapter 7 - Blüdhaven

Chapter 8 - Morning Glory

Chapter 9 -Detonators

Chapter 10 - Bad Timing

Chapter 11 - Into Darkness

Chapter 12- Katarina Novolski

Chapter 13 -Moving Forwad





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